Liz & Chris

Liz & Chris

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Liz Bell is originally from North Carolina.  A graduate of the University of NC at Greensboro, she has a degree in fashion design.  (Her mother is still trying to figure that one out.) 

Liz is extremely open about her life and experiences but is probably best known for her ability to uncover celebrity gossip before anyone else. 

Liz is a single mom with two beautiful daughters, Madison and Lexie. 

Her interests include traveling, pinterest, shoes, things that sparkle and Channing Tatum.

Chris Tyler was born in New Jersey but moved 9 times during his life.  He has also lived in Florida, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania. 

He gets bored easily.  In fact, he spent his high school years living outside of Philadelphia where he became a Phillies and Eagles fan.  Although that has been tough many years! 

He’s married to his wife Deb and have two children-Steve and Robin. 

When he’s not working, Chris runs marathons and competes in MMA events.  Okay, in real life he loves to spend time at his neighborhood pool and recreation club. He also likes to hike in a local state park!

Chris is a sports fan so he attends football and baseball games and watches a ton of them on TV. 

It’s hard for him to choose a favorite type of music!  He likes many different types!  Except maybe Gangsta Rap.  He has to draw the line somewhere.